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Q: Can too much spearmint cause diarreha and vomiting?
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Is citric acid making a vomiting?

The question is not quite clear. If it is meant to mean "Does citric acid cause vomiting?" The answer would usually be no. Citric acid is the acid found in citrus fruit, such as oranges and lemons. The acidity would not cause vomiting, as the stomach uses hydrochloric acid to digest food, and is able to cope with quite strong concentrations. The citric acid could cause vomiting if too much was consumed at once, but even water can cause vomiting if taken in very large quantities.

Which gum last the longest orbit or spearmint?

i think sprearmint last's much much longer.

Why your pug is vomiting?

cause they eat grass like any other dog

Can vomiting cause red spots on the face?

yes its not uncommon to have red spots around the eyes, chin or side of the face after vomiting. Vomiting can put too much pressure on the capillaries by overflowing them with blood. The spots are generally harmless and disappear within 2-3 days

If it is the first time you take heroin and it is a lethal overdose will it cause severe vomiting?

Any overdose of heroin will cause vomiting. Vomiting itself can also lead to death, if you were to fall unconcious and then try to breathe through it. If you believe you have overdosed, then go to the hospital now; they are the one who can help you most.

How long does stride spearmint gum last?

It depends on how much you chew it and how much saliva is in your mouth i reckon innit blud!

Does just drinking a lot of water work for a marijuana test?

Yes it does but drinking to much water can cause nausea,discomfort,stomachaches, and vomiting.

Could sinus problems cause vomiting with diarrhea?

Yes, a sinus infection can cause vomiting. The pressure can affect your equilibrium and the mucous dripping down your throat can make your stomach upset. If the vomiting is accompanied by severe headache or stiff neck, you should see a physician immediately to rule out meningitis.

What causes stiff neck with headache and weakness in legs?

The cause of this is fibromyalgia, if you suffer from vomiting as well.

Is it the stomach flu if your only symptom was vomiting and low fever?

nausea, with or without vomiting, is a common symptom of flu

Can too much vitamin D cause blue lips?

No, but too much of Vitamin D may cause anorexia, nausea, and vomiting, frequently followed by polyuria, polydipsia, weakness, nervousness, pruritus, and, ultimately, renal failure. Kidney damage is also a possibility.

Can inducing vomiting after drinking alcohol be bad for your health?

You should never induce vomiting. Stomach acids are very harsh and can damage the esophagus from vomiting too much.