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Q: Can tomato paste cause you to lose your voice?
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Can excessive cigarette smoking deepen the voice?

It can destroy your voice- as in lose it completely. It can also cause a very "scratchy" voice- but deeper- no.

What cause you to lose your voice when singing?

a few causes can lose voice or effect voice while singing :- 1. psychological factors such as excitement, shyness or fear of something will go wrong with throat, can practically cause voice problems. 2. Singing in high pitch, or keeping saliva in mouth and inhaling it while singing can arrest the throat causing voice problem. Riz

What happens when you almost lose your voice but you still smoke?

You Lose Your Voice

How can you lose your voice for a prank?

The only way possibly to lose your voice is by either yelling loudly, or going through your period where your voice intends to change its pitch. It is in this time that you are likely to lose your voice for a short period of time. but to lose your voice for a prank is not possible.

Does tomato juice has calories?

No, tomato juice had no special ability to help you lose weight.

Can a person lose their voice if they stop talking?

You can temporarily lose your voice for any ailment that involves your larynx (a medical term for the voice box in your throat). Furthermore, complete aphonia (complete loss of voice) can occur after severely injuring your vocal chords and having them lose their ability to vibrate and produce sound. Finally, social phobias (fear of speaking in public) can cause a person to believe they are mute, although most of the time they can regain their voice in a private setting; However, to answer your question, simply not talking for an extended period of time cannot cause any form of voice loss...although it might improve your listening ability.

Loss of voice for 2 weeks?

The medical condition where you lose your voice is called laryngitis. This is an inflammation of the voice box and often mimics the common cold until you lose your voice.

How do people lose their voices?

Infection in the throat due to flu or cold can cause loss of voice. Also using the vocal chords for long periods like singing, lecturering, screaming, and shouting can strain the vocal chords to cause loss of voice

What do people lose if they don't vote?

They lose there say, they lose there voice in society!

How do you get 132g of tomato in 100g of ketchup?

Tamatoes lose weight as they are cooked.

When you have your tonsils taken out do you lose your voice?


Can girls lose their voice?