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Absolutely. If they are a household resident or if they are a regular driver they must be listed on the application for insurance. You have a contractual obligation to notify the insurance company if residence and drivers. If you don't then you are in violation of the contract and have committed material misrepresentation. This gives the company the right and obligation to deny the claim. An insurance application and policy are legal binding contracts. If you fail to comply with the terms of the contract in order to cheat the company out of premiums why should they comply with their terms and pay the claim. Insurance companies are audited by the State Department of Insurance and get in trouble for paying claims they shouldn't just as they will for not paying claims they should.

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Q: Can the insurance company deny your claim if another person crashes your car and they think they live with you and are not on the policy?
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What is the name of a person who works out car crashes?

An insurance agent

How do you find out the insurance company of someone with just there lison plate number?

First, you cannot find out what insurance company another person uses as this is a privacy issue. If you have had an accident with this person, the insurance company will be listed on the accident report. This is your only option for getting the insurance company name, unless the person wishes to tell you.

I have liability only and my car was totaled?

If another person was at fault for the accident, you will need to go after their insurance company. If you are liability only, your insurance company will not pay for anything.

Does Georgia law require you to add someone from another state who does not live with you to your motorcycle insurance if they ride your motorcycle?

you would have to call the your insurance company but if the person has insurance it should be fine. I know my insurance company covers me for everything its based on the company you are with.

Can a person put another person on their insurance?

If it is Life Insurance, you can select any person you want as beneficiary. If it is Health Insurance, you can add a spouse and/or dependents. This will change your premium so you need to contact your Insurance Company for forms and approval.

Can a Muslim person work for insurance company?

can a muslim person work for auto insurance company

What is the title of a person in an insurance company who calculates the premium?

An Actuary is the person in an insurance company who calculates the premium

How can one sell their life insurance policy?

One can sell their life insurance policy and this is called Viatical Settlement. An insurance company sells insurance policy to a person. This person (viator) sells his policy to another person (viatical settlement provider). When the first person dies, the second person will benefit and cash in the money.

Who pays for the funeral if the person has life insurance?

The insurance company.

Is gio insurance a reliable insurance company?

Allstate is a great, reliable, and affordable insurance company. GIO is another insurance company that a person can switch to. However, you have to keep in mind that this is an Australian based company. They offer car, home, travel, life, and business insurances. They also offer workers comp. It seems to be a reliable company as it has been around since 1927.

Im i covered if someone without insurance crashes my car?

If someone wit no insurance crashes into my car and they have no insurance Your own insurance company would pay to have your vehicle fixed and pay for any physical claims you make. They would then attempt to recover the funds through the person that crashed into you. Keep in mind, insurance companies always look for a way out of paying so in this case, be sure you call the police, document everything and try to have witnesses. That way, they can't say you were party at fault.

How should a person go about obtaining private health care insurance?

First a person should contact a local insurance company such as Blue Cross and Blue shield to see what quotes they can provide. However, Cobra is another option for insurance.