Can tears destroy bacteria

Updated: 9/22/2023
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Tears contain an antibacterial substance :)

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Q: Can tears destroy bacteria
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Are tears a primary defence system?

yes. Tears contain lysozymes. Lysozymes destroy bacteria protecting the eyes.

Is lysozyme in saliva and tears to destroy bacteria a body defense?

Yes. Lysozymes and enzymes

Tears contain antibacterial substances that destroy many bacteria?

Basic a level knowledge: Tears are a form of chemical barrier from infection. The enzyme lysozyme is found in tears which kills of some bacteria which helps prevent pathogens entering the body and causing infection. I hope this helps, I'm unsure how the enzyme kills the bacteria as I was only aware that enzymes are catalysts that lower the activation energy in a reaction. If any one knows I'll be very grateful. :) Xxx

What in tears act as a chemical barrier and destroy pathogens on the surface of the eye?

You have the enzyme called as lysozyme. It is the enzyme that act as a bacteriostatic substance. It adversely affect the bacteria on the surface of the eye.

What are substances do tears contain that kill bacteria?


How does tears compare to blood pH?

tears are 5.0 blood is 7.4 but the both can kill bacteria. with the acid in them.

Can bacteria destroy crops?


What does the appendix do in humans?

destroy bacteria

How do tears fight against pathogens?

True A+

What produces enzymes to digest bacteria?

Tears produce lysozyme to kill bacteria, gastric juice secretes Hcl that kills bacteria.

Bacteriophages are viruses that attack and destroy?


Which is found in tears that damages bacteria by attacking the cell walls?