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A person can continue breathing with very little of the brain remaining. If the entire brain is removed, the person dies.

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Q: Can someone survive without a brain?
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Can a person survive without heart but with brain?

no the brain needs the oxygen from the blood fromt the heart to survive

How long can someone survive without energy?

You need energy to survive, so you cannot survive without energy.

Can you survive if you cut the upper skull loose without damaging the brain?


Which organ cannot store and survive without glucose?

The brain cannot store glucose and relies on a continuous supply from the bloodstream to function properly. It is the main consumer of glucose in the body and cannot survive for long periods without it.

Could you still live without a brain?

No it's your main organ and you need it to survive...

How long can you survive if your head was cut off?

If your head is cut off you die instantly. Your body cannot survive without your brain.

Is it possible to survive without a brain?

No, it is not possible to survive without a brain. The brain is the central organ responsible for controlling bodily functions and cognitive processes essential for life. Without a brain, vital functions such as breathing, heartbeat, and consciousness would not be possible.

Can a person survive with half brain?

yes because without a brain your still alive its just you cant do anything like your paralyzed.

Death of brain cells due to lack of oxygen?

Brain cells can only survive for 3 minutes without a supply of oxygen.

Can you go into cardiac arrest more than once in about a week and survive?

It is highly unlikely to survive multiple sudden cardiac arrests in a week unless immediate medical intervention is provided. Each cardiac arrest episode can cause serious damage to the heart and brain, increasing the risk of complications and death with each subsequent event. Rapid response and proper treatment are crucial to increase the chances of survival.

Is the brain considered living?

No. It is part of a living thing and could not survive without the rest of the body.

How long does it take someone to choke?

This all depends on the person. When a person is actually choking it means they can not cough and their airway is fully blocked. The brain can survive (in most cases) without oxygen for no more than 4 minutes. After 4 minutes the brain starts to die.