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In 1964 high school student Randy Gardner (17) attempted to break the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest time awake -- 260 hours. And after 11 days without sleep he suffered no hallucinations or paranoia and no psychotic symptoms. But Coren challenges this often repeated fact in his book. Coren describes the day-by-day impact on Randy, as documented by John Ross of the US Navy Medical euro psychiatric Research Unit in San Diego. Randy had trouble focusing his eyes on day 2, hallucinations on day 4, and slurred speech and a short attention span by the last day.

Certainly there are drugs such as caffeine, cocaine and amphetamines that keep you awake, but these cannot sustain you for very long.

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Q: Can someone go without sleep for more than six days?
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How many days can a human being live without sleep?

* It's not a matter of how long someone can live without sleep but a matter of how long can someone stay awake without passing out. Probably not more than two days. * You can find normal people staying awake for three days. You can find exceptional people to stay awake for 30 days. Some extra exceptional people lie awake for more than 20 to 30 years. * The current record is a bit over eighteen days, but this SHOULD NOT BE ATTEMPTED.

Can people not sleep?

No people can not go without sleeping and still surviving for more then a couple months. Even after 2 days no sleep you would feel "dead tired". When you sleep you get enerygy and its is important for your growth.

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How long can a human go without sleep before she or he dies of sleep deprivation?

In May 2007 a British man named Tony Wright stayed awake for 266 hours, just a little more than 11 days.

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How bad is it for you if you don't get enough sleep?

I Believe They Say If You Don't Get Any Sleep For More Than Ten Days You Can Die

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How important is sleep to your overall functioning throughout the day?

Some sleep experts suggest that neurons used during the day repair themselves during sleep. When we experience sleep deprivation, neurons are unable to perform effectively, and the nervous system is impaired.

What is the longest time a person has ever stayed awake?

The longest recorded time a person has stayed awake without using stimulants is 264 hours, which is just over 11 days. This extreme sleep deprivation can have serious health consequences and is not recommended.