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No. Smoking can not turn your hair green. it can do other things like turn your teeth yellow and turn your hair gray and get wrinkles. Also die sooner.

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Q: Can smoking turn your hair green?
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Can the ocean turn hair green?

Ocean water may interact with a chemical in your hair to turn it green. However, ocean water alone will not turn your hair green.

After you died your hair and it has been two day with the chlorine make your hair green?

no it will not turn your hair green

Will your green hair turn blue if you use blue hair color?

Most likely, it may also turn a green blue.

Why does hair turn green?

Maybe the chlorine in your hair has reacted with hair dye....?

Does eating your boogers turn your hair green?


Does spring water turn hair green?

No spring water does not turn hair green. Cholorine will turn blond or light hair slightly green if not washed out with shampoo. If you hair is turning green after showering or bathing try buying a better water filter for the house or attach a water filter to the nozzle of the shower. Hope i could help;)

Why does your hair turn green when I go Swimming?

No.cause the chlorine well mess up ur hair

If you swim in saltwater does your hair turn green?

In the Ocean, no it wont. However, in a saltwater pool that is'nt cleaned often, the algae can grow in your hair and turn it green.

Why would my daughters hair turn green?

Green hair is usually the result of excessive contact with pool chlorine.

How can you turn your hair green?

If your hair is blonde, you can buy green hair dye and dye it according to directions or get it done at a professional salon. If your hair is darker, then you have to bleach it then add color to your hair. This can also be done at a salon. If you are asking for like a way to turn your hair green by accident, if your hair is blonde and you leave chlorine in it too long, eventually your hair reacts and it turns green.

Does Spring Water turn your hair green?


Tonight I'm bleaching my hair but I want to go swimming Even if I rinse out the chlorine before I bleach it will it turn my hair green?

Chlorine does not turn hair green. Copper in the pool water is the culprit. If you wash your hair before you bleach it, it should not turn green from an earlier swim. If you are concerned about copper in your hair, rinse your hair with white vinegar. That will break down the copper and remove it.