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no it can't

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Q: Can small amounts of radiation hurt you?
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What affects of absorbing radiation?

The answer depends on what type of radiation and how much. Small amounts of infra-red radiation will make you feel warm, large amounts will burn you. Visible light has little effect. Small amounts of some ultra violet radiation will help you synthesise vitamin D and also give you a tan. Large amounts will cause sun burn and is likely to lead to skin melanomas and cancers. Absorbing more powerful radiation - such as gamma waves - is much more likely to cause cancers and lead to genetic mutations.

How do micro black holes evaporate?

It's because: they emit such small amounts of thermal radiation. The radiation is energy, and energy is a form of mass.

What is the background radiation?

Background radiation - is the 'natural' radiation of the Earth. There are radioactive ores naturally present in the ground that give off small amounts of radiation. This is detectable by instruments, but is of no consequence to humans or animals.

Is there radiation in pee?

Yes. studies have shown that small amounts of micro wavelengths are in human urine.

Can the sun has rays be harmful?

Yes, the sun rays contain dangerous amounts of Ultra-violet radiation that can hurt your eyes and your skin.

Does eating sand kill you?

Sand is not good to eat. Small amounts won't hurt.

What are electramoganentic made of?

Electromagnetic radiation is made of energy. Very small amount of energy for radio waves or large amounts of energy for gamma rays. Visible light is electromagnetic radiation.

Why doesn't the ultraviolet radiation from the sun reach the ground?

It does, but in very small amounts because it is absorbed by Earths atmosphere. The ozonosphere blocks most of the UV radiation from striking the surface of earth.

Why do rocks and soil emit small amounts of radiation?

Radioactive materials(uranium, thorium and radium) exist naturally in soil and rock.

Is radiation from japan dangerous to California?

Small amounts of radiation from damaged nuclear plants in Japan have already reached California but they pose no health threats at all. Any radiation that reaches California from Japan is well dissipated by the time it gets there.

Can beta radiation be stopped by a piece of paper?

Alpha radiation is absorbed by a sheet of paper; beta radiation is absorbed by a person; gamma radiation is absorbed by a stell wall. However, small amounts of gamma radiation can still be absorbed by a person.

Is there gamma radiation in nuclear bombs?

yes there is extreme amounts of gamma radiation in in nuclear bombs