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yes it does

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Q: Can sinsus pressure effect your gums or teeth?
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What are the dental side effects of prednisone?

There are no side effects that directly effect your mouth, teeth, or gums. It can cause high blood pressure and headaches though.

What do you do if your gums stick out more than your teeth?

I have this problem too. So, I am waiting on an answer as well. I do not like my smile bc.I tend to show all my gums on the top teeth.I mean you can see fromt the front to both sides of my mouth (gums) that is.Whenever I try to put my teeth together I can feel some pressure. My top teeth appear to sit over my bottom teeth. Will braces help correct these issues? THX Wide Smile:) Hello wondering if, that your gums that stick out more than you teeth are a result from having you wisdom teeth removed? Or that you feel that there is a pressure that is making you gums pop out?

Are the gums the soft area of the teeth?

The gums are the pink skin that the teeth are connected to.

Why are teeth and gums important?

teeth are important so you can chew food and gums hold your teeth in place.

How does smoking effect your teeth?

they get stained with tar wich is a dark brown stain. your gums start decaying also.

Are teeth and jaws the same?

no they are not the same because the jaw is like your gums and your teeth hang from you gums

Are the gums on your teeth muscles?

No. The gums are made of mucus tissues.

The is the pink tissue that surrounds the teeth and covers the alveolar?

Gums are the pink tissue that surround the teeth and covers the alveolar. The function of the gums is to protect the teeth and support the mouth's structure.

What is extra teeth on the gums called as?

Supernumerary teeth.

What do teeth grow out of?

your gums

What are teeth connected to?


Do you have to get a filling in your gums if the inside of your gums is infected but you got your teeth pulled?