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It can. It depends on how much is there in the body.

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Q: Can poison affect your whole entire body?
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What is volatile poison?

A volatile poison is a poison that, when introduced to the body, will affect a certain part of the body. A volatile poison will also stay in the body longer.

Does salt affect your body?

no not if you smell it will run of probably or if you don't then no it will poison you and kill you hahahah

Which part of the body do depressants affect?

Depressants slow (or depress) the functioning of the entire body.

What poison was used to kill King Tutankhamun?

well it wasn't poison it was a extremely bad disease called gangrene which attacks your whole body.

How can rat poison affect your body?

Normal rat poison is basically an anticoagulant, this means it prevents the blood from clotting, so death is from internal hemorrhaging.

What is generalized hyperhidrosis?

Generalized hyperhidrosis may affect the entire body

Does cranberry juice clean system?

You bet it does, cleans out the whole entire body.

What is the uses of word 'whole'?

The entire amount. Used in math as in, whole numbers, no decimals or fractions. Unijured body.

How does a wasp sting affect your skin?

If your skin were to be stung by a wasp, the stinger would be pulled out of the wasp, and into your skin, which has poison in it, which would mean, poison would be injected into your body.

What is the difference between holistic and organic?

This is just my opinion. I think holistic medicine just tends to be organic. Holism as a theory is concerned with the operation or function of the entire body or system as a whole, not just the parts. So holistic medicine will be concerned with how medicine is going to affect not just one part of the body, say the stomache for example, but the entire body.

Why do alcoholic beverages affect the body?

Makes more work for the heart and it goes to the liver and turns into toxic poison.

What part of the body does rat poison affect?

Normal rat poison is basically an anticoagulant, this means it prevents the blood from clotting, so rats normally bleed to death (internal hemorrhage).