Can pine sol kill you

Updated: 9/24/2023
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Yes it can, and it will certainly make you ill. Do not do this!

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Q: Can pine sol kill you
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Does pine sol kill mold?

does pine-sol kill mold and mildue

Can exposure to pine sol kill horses?

Exposure to Pine Sol could indeed kill horses. This is if the horse actually drinks the poisonous Pine Sol solution.

What does Pine-sol kill?


Does pine sol repel groundhogs?

THat is not ture - Pine-Sol DOES repel if not kill bugs like fleas, etc.

Does Pine Sol kill plants?

no it wont da it is very healthy for plants and humans

Would pine-sol kill a single leave plucked from a tree?

Pluck the leaf from the tree and you have killed it. You will not need pine-sol.

What is the slogan for pine sol?

pine sol baby

How does Pine-sol kill bacteria?

Pine sol actually does not kill bacteria... it doesn't even inhibit the growth of bacteria at all. in a recent experiment conducted. i tested 3 different concentrations of pine sol and compared it to bleach at full concentration, pine sol didn't inhibit growth at all. whereas bleach completely killed it. at 44% dilution, pine sol still hadn't stopped bacterial growth, whereas bleach still managed to kill of bacteria. at 12.5% concentration, pine sol, had actually allowed the colonies of bacteria to grow even closer together to mimic the "lawned" streaks. bleach had still managed to kill bacteria at 12.5% it should be kept in mind that in a standard lab, 10% bleach is used to sterilize and kill bacteria. i hope that answers your question, pine sol, actually doesn't inhibit the growth, nor kills it, but allows it to grow

When was pine sol invented?

Pine sol was invented in 1929 by Harry.A cole

Is Pine Sol a solvent?

Pine-Sol originally contained pine oil, though it is now a mixture of everything but.

Do cats like the smell of pine sol?

No, cats do not like the smell of Pine Sol. The Pine Sol is actually poisonous to cats and should be kept away from the cats.

Does Pine-Sol contain ammonia?

No, it does not. Check the Pine Sol website FAQ for yourself to verify.