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Q: Can people eat the beeswax in honey?
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How do you get beeswax from honey comb?

After you extract honey from honeycomb, the remaining structure is beeswax.

Is bees wax made with bees or honey?

Bees make beeswax and use it to form chambers where they store honey. There are no actual bee parts or honey in beeswax.

What are the products you get from honey bees?

Some products you get from honey bees include Honey and Beeswax.

What is the difference between honey and beeswax?

honey is sweeter and more eddable

In a beehive about 1.5 of beeswax are used to build a honey comb that holds 4 pounds of honeyHow much beeswax is needed to build a honey comb that could hold 20 pounds of honey?


Which country is the biggest producer of honey and beeswax?

united states

Honeycombs are made of what?

Carbohydrates.The comb itself is made of beeswax. It holds honey. Honey is bee barf that bees put in the chambers of the comb for the young to eat when they hatch from their eggs which are inside the chambers with the honey. Bees gather pollen on their legs and fly back to the nest and eat the pollen and barf it up. That's why honey can taste differently. Like, with clover honey, the bees got the pollen from the clover flowers.well some people say its made from wax.

Can you make beeswax with honey from the jar?

Wax and honey are not the same thing. The bees make wax to store honey inside. The honey is a separate substance that the bees use for food.

What is the origin of Beeswax?

Beeswax comes from the honeycomb of the bee. The series of hexagonal shapes that the bee lives in is melted after extracting the honey. This creates the beeswax that is used in lip gloss, furniture polish and other products.

What do people eat during thaipusam?

they eat bread and honey. the bread is for the men and how strong. the honey is for the women.

Can you eat beeswax?

yes but it is not good

What country can you get beeswax from?

Maybe from a behive. Maybe there is some bee's wax in honey. Who knows?