Can osteophytes be a cause of whiplash?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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Q: Can osteophytes be a cause of whiplash?
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Can whiplash to the neck cause osteophyte complex and compression of the left C6 nerve?

Yes, I was T-boned (whiplash injury) and developed posterior osteophyte complex as a result. My CAT scan showed no injury after the accident at the hospital but a year later I had a MRI done because of severe neck pain and it showed osteophyte complex. The extreme force put on the disc during impact (whiplash) triggers your brain to "repair" the injured disk forming osteophytes.

What exactly is whiplash when caused by a car accident?

Whiplash is caused by the sudden stop of a motor vehicle. Whiplash is cause my the movement of a body being stopped by a seatbelt and can cause serious injuries.

HIt in the face cause whiplash?

No. 'Whiplash' is the action of a head snapping back and forth, usually from a rear impact.

Do whiplash cause syrinx?

Can whiplash cause osteoarthritis?

Yes any injury to sites that involve the joints can lead to osteoarthritis.

What is small osteophytes?


What constitutes a whiplash compensation claim?

A whiplash Compensation claim is all down to how serious the whiplash is (this is how it affects the neck and back), who's fault the whiplash is. And also if the person has a job which the whiplash may affect.

Can whiplash injury cause rheumatoid arthritis?

No RA is an autoimmune disease and does not start as the result of trauma. However osteoarthritis could be the result of traumatic injuries to bones and joints such as may occur in whiplash injuries.,

How do some whiplash injuries cause death?

The dens of the axis may be driven into the medulla oblongata of the brain

What you average settlements for whiplash?

What is the average whiplash settlement

What are neurocentral osteophytes?

bone spurs

I fell off a porch and injured my neck. Do I have whiplash?

that is very unlikely to cause whiplash, are you sure its not off having brutal anal sex i mean like two rabbits getting smacked around by sledge hammers.