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Yes....ofcourse....go for it

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Q: Can one take steam bath daily?
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Can one take steam bath after swimming?


How many time take sauna bath and steam bath in one month?

three times aweek is sufficient in one week

What is a sauna bath?

Its one kind of steam bath. A man/ woman seats in a bath room where steam comes from different shower point. The steam soften the screen.

Where can someone purchase a steam bath generator?

Steam bath generators can be purchased at retailers such as Home Depot, Lowe's, Plumbingsupply, Overstock or Amazon. There are different kinds of generators as well, which one should take into consideration upon purchasing.

What's the best model of steam bath for the least amount of money?

There are many places online that give steam bath reviews. The best one to check out is Steam Showers Review at

When did Queen Victoria bath?

Obvious one can not take bath any time but at a time he/she feels to take bath. She took bath when she felt she needed to.

Where can one purchase a steam vapor cleaner?

There are many different retails one could purchase a steam vapor cleaner. Some of those retailers are: Bed Bath and Beyond, Home Depot, and Canadian Tire. Another retailer one can find a steam vapor cleaner is on Amazon.

How long does it take to take a bath?

one hour and 10 mins

Where can one find the Eureka Enviro Hard Surface Steam Mop online?

One can find the Eureka Enviro Hard Surface Steam Mop online from various stores. These stores are, but the list is not limited to these, Amazon, Bed Bath and Beyond, Walmart and Steam Mop Deals.

Did you take a bath?

Yes I took one earlier today

Is the steam locomotive still in use today?

Yes, you can find them. I took one while in London to go outside the city to visit Bath.

How long to stay in a sauna?

Steam bath , some people say only take 3 to 5 minute and twice a week ,is it correct When ever you take a steam bath, the time you need to stay can be maximum of 10 min, because in that 10 min itself the pores of our body will be cleared and toxins are send out in form of sweat. If you stay more time its overhead for your body without any use. so what you say is it better to take steam bath or not?