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No, they can't force you to buy it from your job. You can buy your health insurance wherever you want too. That's between you and the insurance company you choose to purchase coverage from.

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Q: Can my wife's insurance force me to buy insurance from my employer?
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Is husband supposed to buy a gift for his wifes a baby shower?

Is a Husband supposed to buy a gift for his wifes baby shower?

Do paramedics need additional insurance other than by their employer?

up here in Canada we don't need to buy extra insurance. we operate under the license of a medical doctor and that's where our insurance comes from.

Can an employer make you take health insurance if you already have insurance with your parent?

Some companies get better insurance rates if they require all employees to buy health insurance. IT is cheaper because the insurance company is not covering just the people that need it or use it.

Recent graduate 24 years old help with health insurance?

The cheaper way would be to find a job and buy insurance through them, but there may be a waiting period. You can also buy independent insurance for yourself without going through your employer but it is VERY expensive.

Can your employer force you to buy a company shirt?

Yes, you can be forced to buy your shirt if it is required work wear. But it is also deductible as an employment expense on your tax return.

How can one buy vision insurance for the health of their eyes outside of their employer?

One can buy vision insurance for the health of their eyes at Blue Cross Blue Shield. A dedicated agent will be happy to help you find more information on their official website.

How often do families buy individual health insurance for themselves?

Once per year, individuals who receive health insurance through their employer have the option to change their coverage or keep their current coverage.

I have NO money for health insurance but I really need it I'll go horribly broke without it. What can I do?

Try your state's insurance program for lowpaid workers...visit local public into your employer or school's insurance program. It is worth it.

Can an employer pay for health insurance for one employee and not another Even if they work less hours but is granted buy said health care provider?


Where can one obtain group health insurance?

The easiest way to get group health insurance is through an employer's benefits package. Because this is not always possible, many groups, clubs and organizations arrange for insurance option using the members who buy insurance through them as the group to lower the cost.

Why would a person need to get private health insurance?

If a person does not have a job, or if their job does not provide health insurance, then the person might choose to buy private health insurance. It is usually less expensive to purchase health insurance through ones employer, but part time, contingent or contract personnel might not qualify for insurance through their employer. It is a good idea to have medical insurance at all times because illness or injury can strike any time and can rapidly become very expensive.

Where can one find life and critical illness insurance?

Many companies sell life and critical illness insurance. Employers often offer this type of insurance as a benefit, and it is frequently cheaper to buy it from one's employer. Otherwise, one can purchase this type of insurance from MetLife, Prudential, or any number of other insurance providers.