Can men have good looking feet?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Q: Can men have good looking feet?
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Why are good looking men so captivating?

Good looking men can be very captivating which is mainly down to their looks and not personality, good looks are generally defined as perfectly symmetrical faces and features which is why they are perceived as good looking.

What is the minimum height for men looking good?


Is trey song a good looking man?

yes he is If you like black men then yes hes very good looking!

Which is the comparative form of 'handsome'?

Good Looking, Attractive men.

Are men with long necks good looking?

depends on your opinion

Are the Jonas brothers weird looking?

No-quite the contrary! They are very good-looking young men.

Why don't women trust good looking men?

Although not fair to all good looking men, many have earned the labels of 'ego-tripping' about themselves and some have also earned the label of thinking they are too good looking to stick with one lady. There are some good looking men out there that are very nice, but basically you can blame the 'good lookers' with the big ego and a bevy of ladies hanging off their arm.

Why are men good looking?

Some are some aren't its the way they were born.

Can you tell the gender by looking at someones feet?

Yea if it is hairy it is from a man. Unless it's a polish woman

What do they say when a guy has big feet?

There is a widely held -- yet completely untrue -- belief that men with large feet also have large penises. Some men who have large feet do indeed have large penises, but not all of them. You certainly cannot tell how big a man's penis is just by looking at his feet.

What is Selena intrested in?

she has been said that she love the shy guy type ! but anybody else in the world think that she likes the good-looking guys . SO she says shy type and its obviously she love good looking men so , Selena Gomez interested in : Shy men type good looking guys

Do boys like girls with sandals?

As long as your feet aren't nasty looking then you are good