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because moringa is a helper tree and it`s a visyan language nah `if ur buang copy dis ok kokey!

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Q: Can malunggay leaves heal wounds faster?
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What helps heal wounds?

Honey helps wounds to heal up faster

Do wounds heal faster with or without bandaids?

Wound heal faster with bandaids

How do you heel a burn on your tongue faster?

Yes oral wounds heal faster.

Ia a salt mouthwash harmful?

No, not at all. The salt can actually help wounds heal faster.

What use of makabuhay plants?

it can be heal wounds

Does time heal all wounds?

Time heals nearly all physical wounds but rarely does it heal mental wounds.

Can vinegar heal wounds?

Vinegar cannot heal wounds, it can clean out wounds so they can be healed. Essential oils and aloe vera are better products to heal skin.

What plants have their uses?

1.pumpkin - the pumpkin makes our sight clearer 2.lagundi leaves - it helps to heal the cough 3.aloe vera - to heal a variety of conditions,most notably burns,wounds,skin irritations and constipation 4.kalachuchi leaves - helps to heal the asthma 5.gumamela leaves and flowers - to heal abscess and boils 6.makahiya leaves - to heal diarrhea 7.sambong leaves - to heal headache due to sinusitis 8.carrot juice - to heal hyperacidity 9.kangkong tops - to heal constipation

Who is able to heal gales whipping wounds in the Catching Fire?

Katniss's mother and sister Prim heal the wounds

What are the uses of marigold's leaves?

marigold leaves are used to heal wounds and many a time they are also used as bandages over certain cuttings to stop the flow of blood from that particular area

Does polysporin antibiotic powder heals wounds faster?

No, it won't accelerate the healing process. However, it will prevent from infection - and in this point of view - it may heal faster (as long as it doesn't reinfect)

Uses of makahiya?

Heal wounds.