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As long as the only linoleum is not peeling or loose go ahead and put the new one right on top of it this way you avoid the risk of asbestos and all the mess of riping up the old floor.

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Q: Can i put new linoleum over old or should i remove old first?
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When installing tile over linoleum what should be done where linoleum is coved curved under sink?

Haven't got a clue! Haven't got a clue!

How do you remove paint primer from linoleum?

You can remove paint primer from linoleum with hot water if the primer is Latex based. Simple wet a cloth with hot water and put it over the paint. Let it sit for a few minutes and then gently scrape up the primer.

If there is a wooden sub-floor with linoleum over it can you put ceramic tile over this right now there is carpet over the linoleum?

you have to pull the linoleum up to lay tile. . .i would suggest a cement backer board over the existing plywood also

Can you put floating floor over linoleum flooring already there?

Technically you can. You can also drive your car into a lake if you really want to.It's probably a better idea to pull the linoleum up first.

How do you get a bubble out of a linoleum floor?

To remove a bubble from a linoleum floor, puncture the center of the bubble with a large, sharp sewing needle. Go all the way through the linoleum to allow trapped air to escape. Press from the outside of the bubble toward the puncture to release the air. Once the bubble is flat, place a soft cloth over the bubble area, and using a household iron, press over the bubble until it flattens. Place a stack of heavy books on top of the bubble for 24-hours to set the linoleum.

Can you put linoleum on top of linoleum?

If you're the homeowner: YES YOU CAN. you will need to level any embossment prior to installing over new linoleum or other sheet goods. NO YOU CAN'T or shouldn't if wet flooring is beneath original linoleum. If it's a rental it doesn't matter.

Can carpet be placed over existing linoleum?

Yes provided the linoleum is still sound (no large sections missing, well adhered to the floor, etc)

Do you need a moister barrier if you install carpet over linoleum no pad?

No, you do not.

Do you have to remove old linoleum before putting down new vinyl tiles?

What is under the linoleum? If it is stuck down well, you can put new tiles on there once. However, if you get to "the bottom of things," you may be able to fill in any dips in the floor and correct any other issues that will make your vinyl tiles look even better. It will take elbow grease and a crowbar and some major adhesive remover to take off the linoleum, but it can be done. If you choose to tile over the linoleum, make sure it is super clean and free of any grease.

Can you install tile over linoleum?

No, slate requires a mud bed or cement board subfloor.

Can you install slate tiles over linoleum?

No, slate requires a mud bed or cement board subfloor.

Can you install linoulem over laminate?

No. You have to glue your linoleum on the hard surface, but Laminate is a floating floor and always move.