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yes please

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Q: Can i put my feet in your mouth?
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Your Girlfriend wants you to put her feet in your mouth. Is this a common fetish?

Of course there isn't. Feet can be very sexy. Open your mind...

Would you let Taylor Swift put her foot in your mouth?

Yes definitely her feet are very sexy

What does open your mouth it's time to switch feet mean?

This seems to be a variation of the idiom "to put one's foot in one's mouth". If you put your foot in your mouth, it means you have said something awkward or embarrassing. If someone says "open your mouth, it's time to switch feet" they probably are referring to the fact that you had already said one embarrassing or awkward thing and have just done it again(or are about to do it again).

How wide in feet is Statue of Liberty's mouth in feet?

The Statue of Liberty does not have a mouth in her feet.Okay, okay, I know what you meant. Her mouth is about three feet wide.

When was Put It in Your Mouth created?

Put It in Your Mouth was created in 1995.

How do you make smoke come out of your mouth?

put air in your mouth and then put preasure in your mouth and then cluck

On the Shetland Islands they take this fatty bird stick its feet in clay put a wick in its mouth and use it as a candle What is it?

Stormy petrel

What does a oboe put in their mouth?

an oboe has a double reed that they put in their mouth

Do horse flies taste with their mouth or feet?


How wide is the mouth of the statue f liberty?

The statue of liberty has a mouth that is 3 feet wide. The statue of liberty has a mouth that is 3 feet wide.

What is an analogy for the mouth?

Teeth are to mouth as toe nails are to feet.

What is it called when you have sores on your feet?

Hands, mouth, and feet virus