Can i put a gps on a car after i repo it?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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No, if you do that, you could spend 10+ years in prison and be sued.

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Q: Can i put a gps on a car after i repo it?
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Where do you find someone that can repo a car for you?

They locate your car because they put a $20 GPS box on it when they sell it to you. Using a PC they can locate your car unless it's in an undergouund Parking for a large building.

Is it legal to use GPS to repo car?

Yes, you can use GPS to repo vehicles. Further, it depends on the state and city, some cities require that you disclose it to the customer. You can find more information about your question at

Do repo men use gps to find a car?

Yes! A repo man stole into my locked backyard to install a GPS system when I did not pay on a TITLE LOAN. I noticed him following me over the next two weeks. The repo man stole back into my yard to remove the GPS after two weeks with no repo success. I settled with the CASH STORE for the original loan amount no interest.

Can they put you in jail if they repo your car?

NO, not for just being repoed.

How do you set up the Droid's GPS stand?

Once you've put the GPS stand (or car dock) on the windshield or the pad put the lever down on the GPS stand.

Is there a way to do individual gps tracking?

Assuming you are in a car or on a motorcycle you can get a GPS device put in the car and program it to record where you go. If you are on foot and yourcellphone has GPS you can download an app to track where you go instead.

Can the bank put a lien on your house after a car repo?

Yes. They repo and sell it for next to nothing. They sue in court and get a jugement that they use to put a lien on your house. Next time buy a cheap car just to get you there and back.

In a private transaction in California can I without a repo service repo a used car from the buyer who didn't make payments?

Only if you put a lien on the title

In North Carolina can they sue or put a lien on your business for the remaining balance of a car repo?

YES, a lender can get a judgment for the balance owing on a loan after repo.

What is the best GPS System to put in my car?

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Would police place a gps tracking device on a car If your car was siezed after driving while disqualified would the police put a GPS tracking device on it Should I sell my car?

buy a jammer

Will able to purchase a car after a repo?

Will i be able to purchase another car later on if my car is repo