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Q: Can humans live 3 days without sun?
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Could plants animals or humans live on earth without the sun?


What modifications would be for humans to live on the sun?


Can humans beings live at mercury?

no because its to close to the sun.

What benefits does the sun have?

The sun is extremely hot, it's gigantic, it doesn't rotate. Since it doesn't rotate, it is the "center" of our world. Without the sun, there can't be human life. Why can I say this? The sun is required for trees and plants to live & they produce the oxygen we humans require for breathing to live. If you break it down to "if our requirements can't exist, how can we?"

Can you live on the sun?

Not without a vast cooler.

Can any animal get sun burn besides humans?

because sun is hot so no animal can live their

What does sun-begotten?

It means "born of the sun". The sun gives life. Without it nothing can live.

What does sun begotten?

It means "born of the sun". The sun gives life. Without it nothing can live.

How many days in a year without sat and sun?


Why do you like sun?

Because you can't live without it.

Is the sun required to produce a Earth day?

Going only by how we humans track the whole matter . . .-- We set our clocks and calendars by the Sun.-- We very often talk about "daylight". That 'light' part implies a connection with the Sun.-- Without clocks or wristwatches, we would count days by the Sun.Near the poles, we would either be completely lost, or ... more likely ... thewhole idea of 'days' would soon become much less important. Our lives wouldfall into annual sync with the sun, just as the Inuit, Inupiat, and Laps live today.So I'll say that in the strict, narrow understanding of 'day', the whole conceptwould soon dissolve and be lost without the Sun.

Can humans technically touch anything?

No. For example, humans can't touch the sun's core without being incinerated instantly.