Can honey go bad in the hive?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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Q: Can honey go bad in the hive?
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Does honey in a hive go bad?

Only if the honey is infected with a bad fungus. Left undisturbed, the honey will last indefinitely.

When honey is not harvested where does it go?

Unharvested honey remains in the hive. The honey that is not harvested is consumed by the bees in the hive to remain alive. A talented beekeeper knows how much honey he can remove from the hive and not harm the bees.

Where do queen honey bees go to mate?

in the hive

In virtual villagers the secret city how do you get the honey out of the bee hive?

you go to the torches by the hive and light them on fire then your person will go to the hive with the torches and calm them down but it might take a couple of tries for your person to get the honey

How do you get honey out of bee hives?

You put some honey in the new hive and the bees will go there

When to harvest honey from hive any tip that hive is full of honey?

Open the hive and look.

How do honey bees get food?

Worker bees leave the hive and go and find flowers. They collect the nectar and pollen from these flowers and return to the hive with this in their stomachs and on their legs. This is then regurgitated into storage compartments in the hive and turned into honey. The bee colony lives on this honey.

What are the habits of a honey bees?

They like to listen to noises and go out of their hive

How much honey do beekeepers put in a hive?

They don't usually. The bees make honey in the hive.

How do people get honey from bees?

dump out honey from hive

What is in a honey bee's hive?

a honey bees hive contains nuclear waste from the bees mateing and poisoned Honey which paralyze some people

Where do queen honey bees go to meet?

They don't. Queen bees don't normally leave the hive, and there is only one in each hive.