Can honey bees harm us

Updated: 9/19/2023
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Honey bees are not usually regarded as harmful, but of course they can sting, and some people are allergic to the stings, which on fairly rare occasions, can be fatal.

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Q: Can honey bees harm us
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Can feeding honey bees powdered ham glaze with honey cinnamon and cloves harm the bees?

Why would you want to do that

Are honey bees over populated?

No, the more honey bees the more honey for us

Are honey bees protected in state of Illinois?

Honey bees are protected in the state of Illinois. The state of Illinois works with beekeepers to protect honey bees from exposure to pesticides that may harm them or cause their existence to be in danger.

When honey is not harvested where does it go?

Unharvested honey remains in the hive. The honey that is not harvested is consumed by the bees in the hive to remain alive. A talented beekeeper knows how much honey he can remove from the hive and not harm the bees.

How do humans affect UK honey bees?

Humans affect honey bees by using insecticides in their gardens which kill the bees.

What do bees provide us with?

honey And wax.

How are bees helpful?

Bees are helpful to us by making honey and speading pollenation

What is sticky and sweet and comes from bees?

honey hence the name honey bees Honey bees also produce bees wax by converting honey.

What bees produce for us?

Honey, wax and propolis.

Were honey cam from?

Honey comes from Bees like Honey Bees.

What insect gives us a sweet byproduct?

Bees give us honey

Do bees produce honey?

Do honey bees produce WHAT? If the question is "honey", then yes, HONEY bees produce HONEY. If the question is NOT "honey", I'm afraid I can't help you.