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Q: Can high levels of bilirubin make you feel fatigue?
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Which is increases levels of bilirubin in the blood?

Bilirubin is a pigment that is made by the liver and is found in bile. Certain diseases can cause high levels of bilirubin, such as a gallbladder infection, gallstones, cirrhosis, hepatitis, and pancreatic cancer.

What if bilirubin level is 28?

That sounds a littel high. What are your liver enzyme levels? and are you jaundice?

What causes jaundice in newborns?

Newborn jaundice is caused when there are high bilirubin levels in the blood.

What causes high bilirubin can it be drink?

Cirrhosis may cause normal, moderately high or high levels of bilirubin, depending on exact features of the cirrhosis. Excessive consumption of alcohol is the most common cause of cirrhosis.

High levels of billirubin in the blood stream can result in?

jaundice the normal serum bilirubin level is 0.5 to 1.5mg%. jaundice occurs when the bilirubin level exceeds 2mg%. the increased blood level of bilirubin is called hyperbilirubinemia. excess bilirubin from blood diffuses into the tissues, skin and mucous membrane, colouring them yellow. this condition caused by overflow of bilirubin is called jaundice.

If your bilirubin is high and your gas level are up do you have liver damage?

Mostly only high bilirubin levels indicate liver damage. Too much gas could just result from eating a bad meal, or a slight bacterial infection in the gut

How bad is when your bili is 33.9?

Assuming that you mean total bilirubin levels in (mmol/L), the range should be 5 to 17 in adults.So, 33.9 would be high. High biliubin suggests that there may be damage, an infection, or some loss of function in the liver, gall bladder or pancreas. Certain medicines and supplements may also increase bilirubin levels. This is a preliminary test. The actual cause of the disruption will require most testing.Just for your information, newborn infants can have very high bilirubin levels (above 100-200 mmol/L) and still be within the normal range.

What is the medical treatment for newborn jaundice?

If bilirubin levels are extremely high, the infant may be treated with phototherapy--exposure of the baby's skin to fluorescent light

Will a baby with a high bilirubin count and jaundice be affected by it later in life?

Probably not, unless the count is maintained at very high levels for a long time, or it's a result of a liver problem.

Your bilirubin is 1.2 is this high?

A bilirubin level of 1.2 mg/dL is within the normal range (0.3-1.2 mg/dL for adults) and is not considered high. High bilirubin levels can indicate liver or gallbladder issues and would typically be above the normal range. It's always best to discuss your lab results with your healthcare provider for personalized interpretation.

What is a high level of uric acid?

High uric acid in your system can lead to crystals forming in your tissues. It could lead to kidney stones and, gout etc. Gout is called the rich man's disease because it usually happens when one eats lots of meat among other things. Check out the Mayo Clinic's site:

Is a bilirubin level of 60 dangerous in an adult?

Um... YES!! The high normal bilirubin level is 1.5