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Exponential growth of a population assumes a fully open system. This means that nutritients are unlimited and waste is never piling up. As soon as the food supply becomes limited, the exponential growth will stop. In case of the current human world population, we need to wonder how long we will still be able to consider our environment as an unlimited resource at our disposal.

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Q: Can high Gamma GT levels be reduced and how?
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What are the long term effects of a high Gamma GT liver function?

High gamma gt increases due to exessive alcohal intake or some of drugs this can be reduced by avoiding exessive alcohal and oily/faty items. To control high GGT it is better to take Live-52 DS tablets Of Himalaya drugs

What does high gamma gt in blood mean?

The liver is a sort of chemical factory that makes some things that are essential to use in the body and it also breaks down and gets rid of some of the unwanted products of your body's chemical processes.Some liver function tests, like the gamma GT (gamma-glytamyl transpeptidase), are very sensitive and can be raised by something as simple as taking paracetamol regularly and perhaps a bit too often, or as complicated as showing damage caused by too much alcohol.Other liver function tests can be abnormal if certain drugs are making the chemical factory work too hard, or if the liver is being damaged by drugs.Or it could mean that the liver is affected by an infection, like a viral hepatitis or damaged by some other disease process.

What is normal gamma-gt?

0 to 65 for a male

What is GT in tau gamma phi?

Grand triskelion

What does a high gamma GT blood value mean?

the common cause for a high level is related to alcohol intake. drug intake could also do it. hepatitis can as well. myocardial infarct can also increase the levels.

What causes the gamma gt of the liver to increase?

liver cell damage

What is the meaning of t7 of tau gamma?


What is the meaning of gt in tau gamma phi?

Grand Triskelion

What is gamma gt?

Gamma GT is enzyme inside the cell wall especially hepatocyte so if the cell due inflammation and became larger the enzyme came out to the blood. The result of blood test reveal increase value

What does gamma gt 64 alt 56ast 6leukocytes and group b strep mean?

ast reading was 66 not 6

Normal gamma gt value?

Normal varies somewhat with age. Values of greater than 60 will flag as a high on a std blood test for an adult. This 50-100% higher than the expected value for a 40 year old depending on the individual's sex.

What does the GT stand for in Suzuki GT550?

GT is often used to show that a car is a high performance type of car. GT means Gran Turismo in Italian, which in English means Grand Touring. Even though these cars are high performance, they are not used for racing, those cars are a different class.