Can herpes go away for good?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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There is no cure for herpes.

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Q: Can herpes go away for good?
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Can Genital herpes go away?

No; the virus remains in the body.

How long do herpes blister heal?

They don't just go away because herpes is a life long disease that is incurable. With antibiotics you can relieve the pain of them but that's pretty much it.

Can you go on birth control when you have herpes?

You can go on birth control when you have herpes.

Can you spread herpes orally if you dont have a coldsore and you took medicine for it?

Yes. Herpes is a disease, not an infection. It does not go away, it may be treated but not cured entirely. Even if there is no physical evidence, you still have it.

What is cat herpes?

My cat has herpes. It will not go away. Her eye flares up horribly and she has to take Lysine and eye drops. She was born that way. Cats can get a type of herpes that doesn't affect people. It's called FHV1 (feline herpes virus 1) and can cause cold-like symptoms and eye problems.

Is glitter the herpes of all craft supplies?

because once you get glitteridified, it'll NEVER GO AWAY! no many how many times you wash.... :(

Red rash around vigna that want go away?

If there is an oozy smelly discharge, it is a yeast infection. If it is a dry red rash, it may be herpes. Go see your doctor.

How do you break up with someone you know is in love with you but your to nervous on how they'll react?

Tell the someone you just found out you have herpes. That will make them go away. lol

What is a good word for go away?

another word for go away is please can you leave me alone.

Where do the good boys go to hide away?

no where, there are no good boys

What are the small cluster of itchy rashes?

not to scare u but sounds like herpes which is a std that u can not get rid of but can take med to make rash go away u should go to the doctor asap

What do you do if a marriade man falls in love with you?

That is kinda creepy ignore him don't get herpes that's even worse. you should tell him to go away and if you don't you will get attached to him too.