Can gold cure cancer

Updated: 9/19/2023
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Interesting Question. Unfortunatly there is no cure for cancer in this year, but if you have a theory try it! Or contact a cancer center to help the world.

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Q: Can gold cure cancer
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Is is possible for gold to cure cancer?

It is possible for gold to cure cancer. Gold might be used to fund the research that eventually finds the cure for cancer.

Is there a cure for Cancer in the Amazon?

well there not a cure for it yet but there trying to make a cure for cancer

When was A Cure for Cancer created?

A Cure for Cancer was created in 1971.

Can chiropractic cure cancer?

No, chiropractic does not cure cancer. There is no "cure" for cancer at the moment. Do not believe any claims chiropractors make.

Is the sea cucumber a cure for cancer?

Yes it is a cure for a type of cancer. It is also a cure for aids

How many pages does A Cure for Cancer have?

A Cure for Cancer has 256 pages.

Who discovered the cure for lung cancer?

There is no full cure for lung cancer.

What is the cure for skin cancer?

There is no cure for skin cancer now that's your answer.

Has penicillin helped cure cancer?

Penicillin is effective against secondary infections of cancer. It is no cure for cancer.

Can marajunan cure cancer?

Marijuana has not been scientifically proven to cure cancer.

When was No Cure for Cancer created?

No Cure for Cancer was created on 1993-01-12.

When was Cancer for the Cure created?

Cancer for the Cure was created on 1998-11-30.