Can girls use condoms

Updated: 9/27/2023
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yes girls can use condoms. they have female condoms

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Q: Can girls use condoms
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Why girls use condomn?

Girls can't use condoms as far as wearing one goes. A condom is best for the prevention of a STD or HIV.

What is that girls wear to not get pregnant?


What do Catholic use condoms for?

If they are practicing Catholics they could not use condoms.

Are there flavoured condoms of girls?

there are ones for guys so why not!

Why is it girls can have unsafe sex but don't get pregnant.?

She is not ovulating then I guess. There must be an egg or there will be no pregnancy. STDs however are always there so tell her to use condoms.

Why does a man think its a girls responsibility to provide condoms?

Men don't. Boys do.

What do people use for protection?


What to use to have protective sex?


If you have an uti can use condoms?


Is there girls condoms?

Yes, they are called Femidoms. Click on the link below for more information.

How effective are condoms and withdrawal?

There is no use for withdrawal when using condoms. If you are afraid of the condom being burst then use a spermicide along with condoms. No I have my beautiful baby boy because of the failure of this exact thing...

Why do people where comdoms?

The reason why most people use condoms is to prevent them from having babiie's, most likely teens use condoms ;P