Can girls burp

Updated: 9/23/2023
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Q: Can girls burp
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Do girls fart poop and burp?

Burping is a normal way to release excess air from the stomach. Both males and females burp. Voluntary burping, for humor or shock effect, is not that attractive when performed by either gender.

What are creatures called that cannot burp or fart?


Do girls like it when boys burp?

No, they do not. they think it is disgusting and impolite.

Can girls burp more than guys?

Everyone burbs around the same its natural.

Do boys burp louder than girls?

if they want to, yes, but if they don't no. behind closed doors, i know every girl burps. they won't get known for it, like boys do. i know boys do because this guy in my class burped and everyone was like cool burp.

How come it's ok if a girl burps but when you burp everyone stares at you in disgust?

AnswerBecause girls are girls and besides there annoying and dumb

Who burps better boys or girls?

Boys are open to burping because they think girls cant at all but the truth is girls can burp better they just hide it because they'll be embarrassed

What does Liam Payne not like about a girl?

All I really know is that he doessn't like girls who fart and burp a lot.

Do goats burp?

do goats burp

Is is normal to like it when girls burp?

When young (even some adults can find it amusing) for someone to burp (belch) they find it entertaining. Sometimes people may unexpectedly burp and surprise themselves, so no, it's not abnormal to get a good laugh out of yourself or someone that accidentally burps. However, if you like it for constant entertainment then it's abnormal.

How many times can 13 year old girls burp?

It depends on how much gas is trapped inside the girl, not the age of the girl.

How do you burp the ABC?

you burp, as you are burping make your mouth move as if you were saying a letter