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Q: Can ginger root capsules be taken with atenolol clopidogeral and ramipril?
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Are ginger pills good for motion sickness while fishing?

Ginger will certainly help with reducing motion sickness, I personally prefer to use candied ginger, but I like the taste. The capsules and pills will do fine, and in a pinch flat ginger ale will work too.

Is herbal tea good for menstrual cramps?

When my daughters were in their teens they used ginger tea or capsules for mentrual cramp relief. It was very successful.

What is the recommended internal dosage of ginger?

Teas, ginger drinks, capsules, broths. Tea: 2 tsp (10 ml) root to 1 cup boiling water, steep for 10 minutes, 1 cup every 2 to 2.5 hours. Capsules: 2 - 4 g, daily or 250 mg, 4 - 6 times daily. And more . . .

Can you use expired ginger root pills?

No. If there's an expiration date on something, then it is there for a reason.

Is there anything that could help a person not get sick on carnival rides besides drugs?

Dramamine is for motion sickness. Buy it at your grocery store or drug store.

What is ginger ale soda made out of?

Ginger ale is made from ginger!

Is ginger a fruit?

no ginger is a vegtable

What does the name ginger mean?

Ginger is a noun. * Ginger tastes good in Asian foods. * Ginger is the girl with the red hair. * Ginger is for upset stomaches.

Does ginger ale soda have anything to do with ginger root?

Ginger ale is actually made from the ginger root.

How do you lose sagging skin after weight loss?

OLDE WIVES TALE: after a cleanse 3 white oak bark capsules and 3 ginger root capsules 3 times daily on empty stomach. While laying head down on slant board gently massage stomach upward and counterclockwise (to the left) This encourages the internal organs to heal and return to their proper place allowing the skin to stop sagging

Who is guy ginger?

Guy Ginger is obviously... GUY GINGER XD

Is ginger a fruit or a vegetable?

It is the root, of the ginger plant.