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Q: Can germs pass through healthy skin?
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Can germs get through healthy skin?

yes if you dont drink enough water

Which disease occur through entry of germs through cut skin?


Why do most pathogens do not infect skin?

do most germs enter the body through the skin Answer this question…

What are the benefits of using anti bacterial hand gel?

it helps your hands to get rid of germs and kkeeps your skin healthy.

Is your skin supposed to shed?

Your skin sheds for many reasons. It not only helps to rid germs, but we grow new skin regularly, and this is a good thing. It helps to keep skin healthy. So yes, it is normal.

What has enough energy to pass through skin but not enough to pass through you bones?


Is it safe to eat skin?

No because you have germs on your skin and you can get sick if you inhale or "eat" the Germs or bacteria

What does skin do in the immune system?

The skin is the bodies first barrier to germs. It keeps out harmful germs and bacteria. As long as the germs don't penetrate the skin, they don't cause harm.

What layer of skin on your body do germs lay on?

The "epidermis". "epi" means "outer" and "dermis" is "skin" The germs would be on the surface of your skin.

Wetlands have characteristics of both dry land and of bodies of water How have amphibians adapted to this environment?

Water can pass through the skin; they have lungs

What are the benefits of keeping a child from 5-8 clean?

Cleanliness keeps the skin healthy. The skin is the largest organ of the body and prevents germs and infections from entering the body. This is important for everyone, not just children.

What would germs do to the body if we had no skin?

The body is under constant attack by germs. Luckily thanks to the protective nature of our skin, germs cannot attack the bodily too easily. Without skin, germs would ultimately plague and take over the body as a result.