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at least as strong as a gorilla

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Q: Can gamma radiation make you strong?
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How are gamma radiation formed?

How gamma radiation is formed

Beta radiation used rather than alpha or gamma radiation in this paper thickness equipment?

beta radiation used in this paper thickness equipment because alpha and gamma are very strong radiation which can not be used for paper thickness equipment such as paper are used by every one and it could cause radiation if other nuclear radiation like alpha and gamma are used.

How is hulk strong?

Hulk is strong because he was bombarded with radiation from a Gamma Bomb while trying to save Rick Jones.

What deflects gamma radiation?

Thick, dense lead deflects gamma radiations.

How is gamma radiation used in medicine?

gamma radiation is used in cancer treatment. the most common source of gamma radiation is.

What is another name for gamma radiation?

Gamma radiation is a form of electromagnetic radiation with a short wavelength and therefore high frequency and high energy per photon. Gamma radiation is also known as gamma rays.

Which two types of radiation will pass through a sheet of card?

Gamma radiation

Gamma radiation is of lower energy than visible radiation?

No. Gamma radiation is of higher energy than visible (light) radiation.

The radiation that is most damaging to humans is?

Gamma radiation is most damaging to humans.

What type of radiation is probably the most dangerous to humans?

Externally, gamma radiation is dangerous because it can penetrate the body. Alpha is most dangerous if ingested.

Is there gamma radiation in nuclear bombs?

yes there is extreme amounts of gamma radiation in in nuclear bombs

What radiation type has the greatest ability to penetrate human tissue?

Gamma radiation. Alpha radiation is the least penetrating, beta radiation penetrates and lasts longer than alpha but also "dies out" relatively quickly, but Gamma radiation will not only penetrate deep, but it will also stay long.