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Q: Can expired turnip make you sick?
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Can expired poppy seed make you sick?

Eating ANYTHING expired is unsafe.

Can you get sick if you eat expired oatmeal?

Well, think about it: If it's expired, then, yeah. Anything expired can make you sick. I mean, what's the point of saying something will expire by jan 20 or something if it will not make you sick. But uh...I'm twelve so...but still come on

Can 10 day expired orange juice make you sick?


can you use prego alfredo sauce after it expired 5 months?

U can but I wouldn't recommend it bc it's expired and expired food can make u sick

Can expired vegetable oil in brownies make you sick?

I doubt that very much.

Will Eating Expired Food Make You Sick?

Yes. Expire food can severely damage your stomach.

Can expired baking powder make you sick in a recipe?

It's very doubtful it will make you sick. However, the baking powder will be useless in the recipe if it has reached (or surpassed) the expiration date.

Can you get sick from expired soy flour?

dry soy is just like any other food. if you eat expired food, there's a chance that you might get sick and might not get sick.

If you eat expired gelatin parfait will it make you sick?

Eating an expired gelatin parfait won't guarantee illness, but it really does depend on the quality of the ingredients, who made it and how it was handled.

What will happen if you eat something that is expired?

You will get sick

What happens if you eat expired protein?

you will get sick

Can you get sick if you eat expired peanuts over a year old?

yes you can get sick from it