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Q: Can excessive use of suppositories do damage?
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Does it damage hair over time to use hairspray or gel?

excessive use may damage your hair,but use in moderation,and make sure they are alcohol free.

How many suppositories can you use in one day?


Is it permitted to use suppositories during Yom Kippur?

Yes, it is.

Can you use birth control suppositories that have expired?

Birth control suppositories are one of the least effective methods to begin with. Withdrawal is more effective than spermicide used alone. Consider getting some condoms and throwing out the expired suppositories.

Can excessive bleeding damage the heart?


What would damage liver cells?

excessive drinking

Can Excessive heat can damage the CPU and the motherboard?


How do you use opigesic paracetamol suppositories?

via anal...given every four hours

Can a person become dependent upon glycerin suppositories for bowel movements?

By overusing suppositories or anything that induces a bowel movement you can in effect weaken the smooth muscle tissue of your bowels and disrupt the normal rhythm. If you're having problems and currently relying on suppositories, lower the amount of times you use them during the week, look for natural alternative methods, and only use them when absolutely necessary.

What risks are associated with lymphadenectomy?

include excessive bleeding, infection, pain, excessive swelling, vein inflammation (phlebitis), and damage to nerves during surgery. Nerve damage may be temporary or permanent

What is the effect of excessive weight training exercise on the joints?

Excessive stress to joints can cause joint inflammation and eventually cartilage damage.

Do you get antibiotic suppositories?

Yes, antibiotics do come in suppositories. It isn't real common, but they are available and are used in some cases.