Can ecoli be deadly

Updated: 9/18/2023
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E.coli can be very deadly. It is a horrifying disease that you do not want to get. I (unknown) am trying to find a cure and solution to this terrible problem.

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Q: Can ecoli be deadly
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Learn and write about Ecoli bacteria Are they dangerous or not?

EColi bacteria is a very dangerous and deadly bacteria that is found on food.

What diseases can be carried around by water?

ecoli is a disease carried by water. ecoli is the result of fecal matter entering a source of water. it can be deadly

What is ikolai bacteria?

Ecoli is a bacteria from cow manure that is found on fresh produce sometimes. It is best to wash produce in vinegar to kill ecoli. It makes you deadly sick and can kill you.

How does Ecoli poising occur?

When a product has the Ecoli bacteria and you consume it.

Is vancomicyn resistant ecoli contagious and how?

is vancomicyn resistant ecoli contagious

When there is million and billions of E. coli in your intestine then y you r looking for E. coli free water?

The reason is that Certain types of ecoli are deadly to humans and these are easily passed on from one person to another and can end up in the water supply in certain places. The ecoli that is dangerous to humans originally comes from certain animals. these can be harm-full to humans and can also be passed fro human to human. they are not to be confused with the ecoli that are a natural part of our system. the dangerous ecoli are most likely to affect the sick , children, the elderly and people with imune deficiency.

Is the ecoli chromosome is longer than the diameter of an individual ecoli bacterium?


Is ecoli a psychrophile?


Is there a specific race that is only affected by EColi?

yes black people can only get sick from ecoli

Does ecoli hydrolysis starch?


Were does ecoli hideout?

in your mom

Is ecoli armed and dangerous?