Can eatting gum hurt you

Updated: 9/21/2023
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Not really. Chewing Gum passes readily through the digestive tract.

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Q: Can eatting gum hurt you
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Why would your thoat hurt from eatting a girl out?

Better get tested!

How do you say gum in Chinese?

The gum for eatting? That would be 口香糖 (kǒu xiāng táng). If you mean another word. please just contact me :)

Why does your mouth hurt if you drink water after chewing gum?

your jaw hurts from chewing hard gum

Can gum stay in your stomach for 7 years?

No your stomach acid would have got rid of it a day or two you cant have that in you for that long because you would form a eatting disorder.

Does sugarfree gum help you to not get cavities?

No. You need to brush your teeth and have a healthy diet. Eatting healthy foods actually determines this and flossing and brushing your teeth each day.

Can nicoteen gum cause your lower back to hurt?


Can eating a pack of juicy fruit gum hurt you?


Is chewing gum addictive?

yes because you are moving your mouth and when i chew gum my gums hurt after a while

Why does lettuce make stomach hurt when eaten at night?

Maybe its just you , gum makes my stomache hurt at night.

How does gum hurt jaws?

It doesn't that's mostly jolly ranchers

Why does your teeth hurt so bad when you chow gum?

Maybe you have cavities.

Does chewing gum affect speech?

Yes because if you chew gum for a long time it will start to hurt your jaw and this will affect you speaking.