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Q: Can eating lots of mentos give you a bad tummy?
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How can you get a flatter tummy?

Stop eating sugar. I cut out sugar while keeping the rest of my diet the same and all the tummy fat I had disappeared. Well I would of thought tht you had to do lots of situps but i dunno. HELP PLZ

Why do you have lots of gas?

because u have lots of air in your tummy!

How do you maintain your tummy?


How does Leonardo DiCaprio take care of his tummy ache?

He takes 2 Tylenol or 2 Advil and lays down with a pillow under his tummy or a bag of hot water on his tummy. He gives himself a tummy rub.

Can eating lots of pizza give you enough electrons to power a light bulb?

absofreakenlotely! :) good idea

What does it mean if you give your puppy worm medicine and then lots of living worms come out of him for almost a week and his tummy gets bloated?

It means he has a severe infection and should be seen by a vet immediately.

Can you build muscles eating only one meal a day?

No. To build muscles, you need lots of proteins. Eating one meal a day doesn't give you enough energy.

Your rabbit is not moving after eating alfalfa hay?

Alfalfa is very different from normal hay, much richer and much higher in fats and proteins. Your bunny could be in GI stasis, or having a bad reaction to the high sugar/fat content in the alfalfa. You should give plenty of gentle tummy massages, lots of water... and get your rabbit to the vets ASAP

What is a good volleyball eating diet?

I would go with drinking lots of water and eating lots of fruit and veggies.

What is India doing on the issue of Drug Trafficking?

EAting lots of chicken and sleeping!! EAting lots of chicken and sleeping!!

Does eating burnt toast give you cancer?

if you eat lots of burnt toast you have a small chance but the odd piece wont hurt

How do you continue your toilet?

By eating lots and lots of chocolates and trust it works...