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Q: Can eating bath bubbles kill you?
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What bubble bath makes the most bubbles?

It depends on the size of the bubbles and the size of the bath.

Are soap bubbles good for anything but a bath?

You can blow bubbles.......

Why children should not run and jump shortly after eating?

It causes bubbles in the cells which can kill/cause cancer!

What can you make to go in the bath as a Christmas present?

Like bath bubbles, bath salts, a scrubber, etc.

How is it most enjoyable to have a bath?

=to have a guy and bubbles in with you!=

Does Pikachu blow bubbles in its bath?

yes. He blows little bubbles that go pop.

Why is it no matter what color your bubble bath is the bubbles are always white?

The bubbles will always be white even if the bubble bath is a different color because it is the oxygen in the water that creates the bubbles. When the water foams, it is just like the bubbles on top of a beer that is poured from a tap. The bubbles are mostly air.

Why are there bubbles inside bath salts?

Because they are desolving

Does shampoo and bath creme change the colour of the bath water?

No but if you buy colorful bath bubbles it may change the water.

What can you do in the bath?

When you go and have a bath you can put bubbles and put bath bombes and turn the water a little bit hotter so you can relax more. To make bubbles, just add a lot of champoo, and it will work. Relax and feel that you are in a Jackuzi.

What does bubble fart mean?

When you you fart in the bath it makes bubbles

What are the release dates for The Mr- Men Show - 2008 Birds Bath and Bubbles?

The Mr- Men Show - 2008 Birds Bath and Bubbles was released on: USA: 13 October 2009