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can dusting in your house make you have a cold.

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Q: Can dusting your house make you have a cold?
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Do hardwood floors make a house cold?

Hardwood floors are cooler to the touch than carpet, but I don't consider them to be a cold flooring, nor do they make a house cold. The house is cold because of the way it is built and insulated.

What do we do if there is aluminum particles in our house?

You can clean the aluminum particles by dusting them away.

Will keeping your house temperature too cold make you sick?


What is perfume dusting powder for?

to make you smell great aftter a bath or shower!

What kind of chores housekeepers do?

Cleaning, Dusting, Vacuuming, Cooking, sometimes babysitting and buying groceries needed for the house.

How can you make it cold in your house when your air's not working properly?

You can open the windows in your house and use fans. Or you can have you air repaired.

Finding Immediate Sinus Relief?

Swollen, stuffy, itchy sinuses might not always be a sign of a cold or a flu or anything of the sort. Sometimes, it's just a matter of allergies. Try dusting and cleaning your house thoroughly in order to prevent scratchy sinuses, and make sure that you vacuum regularly. Dust and pollen and other allergens can collect in the air and leave you feeling like you have a cold when the only real problem is dust in the air.

Who actually does the dusting in Julia Alvarez's poem Dusting?

A girl daughter

Does opening the refrigerator in the house make the room cold or not?

No, opening the refrigerator in the house does not make the room cold. In fact, the refrigerator itself releases heat into the room as it runs to cool its interior.

Is it safe to dust your Chinese Water Dragon's food every day with calcium and if so will it make the dragon grow faster if it's young?

Dusting every day is pointless ! The reptile will only absorb as much calcium as it needs. Anything extra will simply be excreted in its urine. Dusting its food every other day is perfectly adequate. Dusting more often will not make it grow faster !

Does Joy still make a dusting powder?

i have looked everwhere and no luck. was told at nordstrom it is not made anymore.

When was Cold House created?

Cold House was created on 2001-11-13.