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Q: Can deep sleep occur as soon as you fall asleep?
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Why did bombur fall asleep inside mirkwood?

He fell into the river and got enchanted into a deep sleep.

Why does rip van winkle fall asleep in the mountains?

He drank some beer that the leprechauns gave him, which was enchanted and made him fall into a deep sleep.

Do humans fall to sleep?

No they fall asleep.

How long does it take a person from the time they fall asleep at night to fall into deep sleep and im not talking about REM sleep im talking about the sleep where is it is hard to wake the person up?

Around about 7 minuets :)

What is it when you fall asleep within minutes standing or driving?

=Narcolepsy-==It is a sleep disorder. It is characterized by (EDS) excessive daytime sleepiness, where patient experiences intense fits of drowsiness and can fall into a deep sleep upon standing or driving...=

How can your brain start dreaming if you are not yet asleep?

yes, the first period of sleep, known as ''dexroxia'' is a period where ''daydreams'' occur, right before when you fall asleep. You could also simply be daydreaming.

When does a Raven sleep?

they sleep at top of a tree and just fall asleep

How do you talk to people in their sleep?

you can hyptoniyze them to fall asleep then talk

How long does it take to fall asleep?

It depends on the person since everyone is different. Some people can fall asleep within a couple of minutes of going to bed. Other people may lay awake for an hour or more before sleep takes them. If a person is relaxed they can go to sleep quicker than someone who is stressed out with a lot on their minds.

How do you get horses prepare to sleep?

they go to sleep standing up and just fall asleep when they want to

If you pet your rabbit will it fall asleep?

Rabbits are very gentle and friendly animals who love affection as well as exercise. Relaxing petting, around the ears, will eventually make your rabbit fall to sleep. If you are thinking your rabbit won't sleep because its eyes are open, rabbits sleep their eyes open! To tell if your rabbit is asleep look at his nose, if it is barley moving he is likely to be asleep, also, deep breaths that are really obvious show that the rabbit is close to falling asleep. Hope I helped

What does duerme mean in English?

sleep, be in a state of sleep, fall asleep, slumber; enter into or be in a state that resembles sleep