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By using chemicals in a rocket engine to raise a vehicle high above the earth's surface, the vehicle will gain gravitational potential energy. It will also gain kinetic energy, depending on what trajectory it follows

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Q: Can chemical energy be converted to gravitational potential energy?
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What energy does an apple hanging from a tree have?

chemical energy

How can Gravitational Potential energy be transformed?

If a body with gravitational potential energy is allowed to fall, then the potential energy is converted (mostly) to kinetic energy.

The primary source of a quasar's energy is chemical energy nuclear energy gravitational potential energy?

gravitational potential energy

What kind of energy conversion is lighting a match an example of?

Chemical potential energy being converted to heat energy

What is the energy conversion while a rocket is let to fly?

The chemical energy from the Hydrogen fuel is converted to kinetic energy while in movement. Some of it is converted to Gravitational Potential Energy as it gains altitude.

When a person climbs stairs what form of energy is being converted into gravitational potential energy?

Energy stored in your muscles, which ultimately comes from the food you eat.

What is the energy stored in an object that is not moving?

Potential energy is energy that is stored in an object, and can be changed into kinetic, or other forms of energy. There are many types, such as Elastic Potential Energy and Gravitational Potential Energy.

What is an example of gravitational energy transforming to mechanical energy?

Gravitational potential energy IS mechanical energy. Mechanical energy includes both kinetic energy, and potential energy.When an object falls, gravitational potential energy will be converted to KINETIC energy.

What are the two major types of potential energy?

Gravitational and chemical potential energy.

How can Kenetic energy be affected by Gravitational potential energy?

Not directly; the two are independent. But if an object with gravitational potential energy falls, that energy may be converted to kinetic energy.

What energy transformation happens when a person lifts a chair?

You are using chemical energy produced in your muscles to lift a weight against gravity, which means the weight gains gravitational potential energy

Hands moving on a battery operated clock is an example of what kind of energy conversion?

Kinetic energy being converted to chemical potential energy