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Q: Can blowing up balloons be dangerous to your health?
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Is helium suitable for blowing up balloons?

Yes, balloons filled with helium will be buoyant in air

What is the use for the element for helium?

blowing up balloons making your voice funny

How do you blow up animal balloons?

You can blow it up by breathing and sucking

Sentence with innuendo?

I'm great at blowing... up balloons for parties!

What is the gas that you use in balloons?

The gas commonly used in balloons is helium. It is lighter than air, which causes the balloon to float when it is filled with helium.

How do you get an extra balloon on mariokart DS balloon battle?

If you have balloons in reserve, you can blow one up either by blowing into the microphone or by holding down the SELECT button while stopped. You can also steal balloons off of other drivers by running into them with a mushroom.

What is dynamit used for?

dynamite is used for blowing things unwanted up. if its put in the wrong hands it can be very dangerous.

What dynamite used for?

dynamite is used for blowing things unwanted up. if its put in the wrong hands it can be very dangerous.

How do changes in atmospheric pressure affect people at high altitudes?

It keeps us all from blowing up and popping like balloons, and it also makes it possible for us to breathe.

Is blowing things up dangerous to your face?

Definitely. Parents and other adults aren't being over-protective when they tell you not to play with matches, fire, fireworks, etc. Many children have seriously hurt themselves this way. If you're talking about the act of blowing something up, with your mouth, such as a balloon or inflatable air mattress, ball etc. No, not really. Just be careful not to over inflate an item. The danger with balloons is that they CAN blow up in your face, and in rare cases you might suck the balloon down your throat and choke.

Can you blow up a balloon without blowing air through your mouth how?

Yes, you can blow up a balloon using a pump or by a chemical reaction that produces gas, such as combining vinegar and baking soda. Alternatively, you can also use a helium tank or a compressed air canister to fill up the balloon.

How do you stop blowing up the world?

You stop blowing up the world.