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It's an insecticide so.... YES

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Q: Can baygon spray be harmful to human or human eyes?
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Strong acid solutions could be harmful to human?

yes -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Skin & Eyes.

Is Clorox is harmful to human?

Yes. It can be irritable to the skin if not washed off. It can be especially harmful if injested or if it gets in the eyes or nose.

Why is non spray perfume considered better than spray?

Spray could very well go into your eyes by accident so they have no-spray better to prevent spraying in eyes

Is chlorine water harmful to eyes?

Yes. Chlorine Water Is Harmful To The Human Eye ..Or Any Eye. That Is Why We Wear Goggles. If We Don't Wear Goggles And Go Under (Chlorine) Water , We Best Keep Our Eyes Shut So No Water Runs In Them.

Would You want to hiking?

Yes, hiking is fun. Bring bee nest spray to spray in the eyes of a bear or cougar if they are about to attack you because you have to be very close to them to spray their eyes with pepper spray. Or hike in a safe area.

Are eyes a human form?

Human eyes are.

Is it safe to spray animals with axe body spray?

No. It was harm the animal. It can affect their eyes.

Compared to visible light ultraviolet radiation is more harmful to human skin and eyes because ultraviolet radiation has a?

higher frequency... resonance with DNA

What happens if you spray deoderant in you eyes?

and why would you do that?

What harm does Clorox spray do if get in your eyes?

it will burn

What are the defaults of mace spray?

when you use mace spray there is a slim chance that the wind might blow the spray into your eyes or on your face.

Why is it harmful to your eyes to look directly at the sun?

It damages the parts in your eyes.