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Q: Can avocado oil be used for pop corn?
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What is popcorn oil most commonly used for?

Popcorn oil is generally used for helping pop popcorn. There are different types of popcorn oils, such as coconut oil, soybean oil, canola oil, corn oil, and sunflower oil.

What is used for popping corn?


Which pop corn pop the fastest?

yellow pop corn

What other products besides corn syrup that corn can be made into?

cornmeal, cornstarch, tortillas, corn chips, whisky, etc. The cobs have often been used to make corncob pipes. The husks are used to wrap tamales and could be used as wrapping for other foods during cooking.

Where do pop corn kernels grow?

On pop corn plants.

Does any kind of corn pop?

Yes and no. Most corn will pop, but there is a seed for pop corn and is grown for selling as pop corn. Sweet corn would not pop the same way or as well and corn grown to feed cattle wouldn't pop well.

What does a weasel and corn plus a balloon have in common?

They all pop. Pop goes the weasel, pop corn, and pop a balloon

When you pop popcorn when you pop it in a pan?

Yes you can pop corn in a pan on stove. cover the bottom of a saucepan with the corn -maybe slightly more than one layer in some spots, cover the corn with oil any oil you like will do, not swimming but covered well. Place on med high heat, When corn begins to pop , shake pan until all popping is through. Empty into bowl. Salt , add melted butter is desired and enjoy hot! For other help check the link.

What did baby corn say to mama corn?

Where is pop corn

When was American Pop Corn Company created?

American Pop Corn Company was created in 1914.

What is maze used for?

When the heart beats too fast, blood no longer circulates effectively in the body. The Maze procedure is used to stop this abnormal beating so that the heart can begin its normal rhythm and pump more efficiently.

Why does a corn pops?

most "dry" corn will pop. it is actually the moisture trapped in the corn that makes it pop. the corn is heated turning the moisture into steam. onces the steam builds enough pressure the corn pops. commercial popcorn is conditioned for optimum moisture levels and is grown to pop in a certain way.