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I'd talk to your agent or policy services, if the child is given use of the vehicle on a regular basis, then I would think they would need to be rated on that vehicle, to ensure there is coverage in the unfortunate event of an accident.

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Q: Can an underage driver be added on to a policy of a family member if the child does not live with the family member?
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Can you be the named driver on a car insurance policy if the car is owned by a non-family member?


Who is responsible for damages if a permit driver who is not on your insurance policy nor is a family a member drives your car with your permission while you are in it and they get into an accident?

you ni^^a

Is there such a thing as a family policy or does each family member have a separate policy?

== == Yes.

What happens if a 16 year old gets in accident and isn't on insurance policy?

As long as the 16 year old has a valid license the policy should pay out. You will probably be required to add the driver to your policy and will be asked why they weren't listed before.AnswerIn most jurisdictions an "underage" driver must be listed on the policy and it costs more. In Massachusetts if you allowed an underage driver who resides with you to drive your car and they are involved in an accident then the insurance company will not pay the damages.

Why a family member is resticted in auto insurance?

Some insurance companies will require policyholders to sign a driver exclusion for family members if you claim the individual does not drive your vehicle. If the insurance company has previously paid a claim for an unlisted driver, they may require that you list the driver on your policy or sign a driver exclusion that restricts that driver from driving your vehicle. If a resident of your household has tickets and accidents and is not rated on your policy, the company will require a driver exclusion to prevent increasing your policy if they are rated.

Can anyone be the beneficiary of a life insurance policy?

Yes. Anyone can get a policy on another family member.

Can you take a life insurance policy out for a family member?

Yes, it is possible.

How can an insurance company cancel your insurance due to a family member not on any of your policy's having their license suspended?

The family member needs be excluded to keep your insurance in effect.

Do you have to add your teenage driver to your insurance?

Yes. Some states will not cover an accident if a household member is not listed on the policy.

If you give a family member who has their own insurance policy permission to drive your car and they get into an accident which policy covers the accident?

the policy that covers the car that is being driven.

Do you have to add a licensed family member to auto insurance policy?

You usually have the obligation to list all household residents and regular drivers on your insurance policy. If we are talking about your Grandparents who live in another state and never drive your can then no. If it is your sister who lives with you and borrows your car occasionally then yes she must be listed as a driver.

Is it against company policy to hire family or in-laws?

No. As long as you're not a supervisor and your employee is a family member to prevent claims or preferential treatment. If it's a problem, they can separate family members into different stores. You just can't supervise a family member