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Q: Can an accident like a car accident cause a mild broad based disc bulge L4 and 5?
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Can a accident like a car accident cause a mild broad based disc bulge L4 and 5?


Can a acident cause a disc bulge?

Yes a accident can cause a disc bulge

What is a concentric disc bulge?

Circumferential disk bulge is a condition of the spinal column wherein 50 to 100 percent of the circumferential disk tissue goes over the edges of the ring apophyses. Ninety percent of disk bulges happen in the lower back area.

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Can a car accident cause desiccated disk?

A Car accident can cause anything, even a Desiccated disk.

Can a vehicle accident cause a herniated disc?

Yes, if an accident is bad enough, it will cause a hernia. This is why it is important to go to the hospital and get an exam after an accident.

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hi can you help me i had mri the findings, disc degeneration at l2/3 ,l4/5 ,and l5/s1. broad based posterior disc protrusion at l4/5 causing a moderate impression on the anterior theca.very mild posterior disc bulge l5/s1.normal capacity lumbar spinl canal . the foramina are clear .normal conus, what can i do i cant sleep and i cant go out said

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