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NO can hurt film depending on speed of film

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โˆ™ 2008-11-10 17:12:22
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Q: Can airport x-ray machines damage CDs or DVDs?
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Does airport xray machines damage digital camcorders?

Airport XRAY machines do not damage digital camcorders. You may want to consider making a backup copy of the information on the hard drive first though.

Can airport xray machines see diamonds?

Yes an airport xray will pick up a diamond or multiple. ( source airport worker )

Can airport xray machines damage dvds?

Not DVD's - but they can destroy video tape (like those in camcorders) and audio tapes too. If you have any of those, you'd be better off taking them in your hand luggage so customs can examine them with out using x-rays.

Can an airport X-ray Machine damage laptops?

No it can not, but they like you to separate them from their bag when going through the xray machine.

Why were MRI machines made?

the reason why mri machines were made was so doctors can get a good look at your infection if the xray machine dint get agood look at it

What can't xray machines see through?

X-ray machine can't see though led

What is the use of gamma radiation?

The radiation waves are used in microwaves and xray machines even cat scans

Can airport xray hurt the samsung's galaxy tab?

If it's switched off it shouldn't do much harm

What steps does it take to get a job in radiology?

"You must first complete a 2 year program in medical disciplines including certifications in the use of radiologic equipment such as XRay machines, MRI machines and CT scan machines."

Can airport xray machines see inside your body?

No and yes, airport xray machines can see shin bones, knee implants but cannot see ribs or inside body cavities.No&they're less harmful than Medical CT Scans.Backscatter X-ray is an advanced X-ray imaging technology.Traditional X-ray machines detect hard&soft materials by the variation in transmission through the target.In contrast,Backscatter X-ray detects the radiation that reflects from the target.It has potential applications where less-destructive examination[airport security machines]is required&can be used if only one side of the target is available for examination.The technology is one of two types of whole body imaging technologies being used to perform full-body scans of airline passengers to detect hidden weapons,tools,liquids,narcotics,currency&other contraband.A competing technology is millimeter wave scanner.These airport security machines are also referred to as "body scanner", "whole body imager (WBI)", and "security scanner".

What is on the pixies album wave of mutilation artwork?

I think it's a colorized Xray (think airport screening) of a broken vibrator.

Will an xray detect a haematoma?

Unlikely. X-rays aren't good at detecting soft tissue damage.

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