Can a whale be lifted by a tornado?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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if the winds are strong enough yes

but also they are in water and I've never heard of a tornado on water because it would become a waterspout

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Q: Can a whale be lifted by a tornado?
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Could a tornado have lifted up the titanic?

No. The Titanic was far too massive to be lifted even by the most violent tornado.

Will a monster truck get lifted by a F5 tornado?

Yes. An F3 tornado would probably be able to lift a monster truck.

When warm air is lifted up over the cold air it is called?


Is a tornado made of air?

Yes. A tornado is a violent vortex of air. It is made visible by water vapor condensing and dust being lifted by the wind.

What is the heaviest object a tornado has ever lifted up?

It is difficult to determine, but the heaviest objects lifted by a tornado appear to be a set of three oil tanks, each weighing 90 tons. The tornado struck Pecos County, Texas on June 1, 1990. The tornado was officially rated F4 as it hit few structures, but of ground scouring and the carried oil tanks suggests that the tornado's intensity was well into the F5 range.

Why is a tornado visible?

There are two components that make a tornado visible. The first is the condensation funnel or funnel cloud, which forms from moisture condensing inside the tornado. The other component is the debris cloud. This consists of dust and debris lifted into the air by the tornado's winds.

How heavy an object can an f5 tornado lift?

It is not known as we have not exactly tested this. The heaviest known object to have been lifted by a tornado was a 90 ton oil tank. The tornado that did this almost certainly reach F5 intensity.

What instruments are used to warn us about tornado occurring?

The most valuable tool is doppler radar, which can detect the rotation in a thunderstorm that can produce a tornado, and even the rotation of the tornado itself. The introduction of dual polarization in these radars can be used to detect debris lifted into the air.

What kind of tornado severely damages large buildings and cars have been lifted and overturned and structures with weak foundations blown away?

That damage sounds consistent with an EF3 or possibly a high EF2 tornado.

When and where did the tornado which lifted a rail road car happen?

There have been many tornadoes that have lifted rail cars that have occurred in many different places. Most tornadoes that are rated EF3 and higher can lift train cars.

Did the tornado in bicester to kidlington touch the ground?

Yes. Debris was lifted into the air meaning the circulation reached the ground, though it appears to have been very weak. If it doesn't touch down it isn't counted as a tornado.

Can a cloud of debris mark the location of a tornado?

Yes. The funnel of a tornado does not have to reach the ground for the circulation to touch down. If there is swirling debris on the ground beneath a funnel cloud then the tornado has touched down and, if it is more than just dirt being lifted, is probably doing damage.