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yes but you would have to walk around with a bag with urine and have a tube were the urine comes from the kidneys

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Q: Can a person live without a bladder?
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How many organs can you live without?

you can live without your bladder lungs small intestine

What will happen if the person has no urinary bladder?

the urine will go out automatically without preventing it

How long will a person live only the bladder fluch now kidney function full of cancer?

A person may only last 2 days if his or her urinary bladder is not well-functioning.

How long can a person live without air?

A person can live minutes without air.

Can a person live without a heart or Love?

A person can't live without a heart (the organ), but a person does not need empathy or love to live.

What Is What if your liver and Gall Bladder?

I don't understand your question but if you are asking what are the functions of your liver and gall bladder the liver in simple terms filters out toxins from your body and the gall bladder aids in this process, the gall bladder is not a vital organ therefore you can live without it

Why a person cannot live without the kidneys?

no a person cannot live without there kidneys with out medical help

Can a person live with out a liver?

No a person cannot live without a liver

Can a person live without a spleen?

yes a person can live without spleen but they only take it out if you have a special cancer

What lobe of the brain can a person live without?

A person can live without their frontal lobe, although it would severely impact their cognitive and executive functioning. Other lobes of the brain are more essential for basic survival functions.

What are bladder polyps?

A growth in the person's bladder

Can a person live without a head?

No, it is impossible for a human to live without a brain.