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Q: Can a person burp and pass gas at the same time?
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can you fart and sneeze at the same time?

To sneeze and burp or hiccup is possible to fart and burp at the same time is rare but to do all of them at the same time is anatomically impossible.

What happens if you cough sneeze and burp at the same time?

You'd implode and die.

Does people burp?

we burp beacause we need to let gas or we will have a hard time for more imfromation go to why do we burp

What happens when you fart and burp at sametime?

Isn't it upsetting when this happens? Often when eating, we swallow a lot air and that will be "burped" up. At the same time, the air we swallowed from an earlier time has gotten into the colon and the pressure from the burp seems to cause the fart.

Can you fart and burp at the same time?

No it won't cause a vacuum. It would release pressure. I just did it that's how I found this!

What does Love makes time pass time makes love pass mean?

Love makes time pass means that time flies when you are with your partner. Time makes love pass means it takes time to forget the person you recently broke up with.

Can you deficate and pass wind at the same time?

Yes you can

Will all people on earth pass out on the same time?


What would happen if you fart burp cough and sneeze at the same time?

You might turn inside out lol rofl goood question ;)Tatty Byeeeexx

How many time can a person be in the Olympics?

There is no limit, as long as the person can pass qualifying conditions.

How do you burp the alphabet?

Step 1: Burp Step 2: Say the alphabet WHILE burping Step 3: Get disowned by your family because you spent time trying to figure out how to burp the alphabet instead of trying to pass math class You're Welcome

Is it possible to sneeze cough and burp at the same time?

well once in my live i was at home sitting on my bed when all the sudden i needed to use the bathroom. so i got up and went the the bathroom but the wierdest thing happened. i sneezed while peeing and my pee came out faster. but to answer the question i just think you would die. :)